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My Firebase experiment;

Realtime backends are falling out of the sky like mvc javascript libraries. I wanted to find out which ones were going strong and did some research. I ended up with Firebase. A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime and it has a complete javascript client library so you don’t have to worry about any backend hassle. Read more…

A faster web with Google’s new HTML protocol: SPDY

Setting right file permissions Drupal 7

Follow this guide exactly as it is to make your Drupal installation as more secure as possible. This guide was tested and works. If something goes wrong with your installation, review the steps, possibly you missed something. Read more…

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What a smartwatch needs to look like

Password requirements; size matters

Tip of the week! I often find myself juggling for passwords when registering new accounts for a specific service / system. Last one I came across had to meet the following requirements: Read more…

  • Tennistoernooien.nlTennistoernooien
  • Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.13.15 PMMaps
  • Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.13.40 PMAdding live

I’ve just finished a brand new website which lists all the tennis tournaments in the Netherlands. Tennis players can find tournaments nearby or for their specific player strength, category. It’s connected with a REST api to an mongoDB instance, in graceful degraded HTML5 with RequireJS. It has a abstract layer for syncing data with external data providers.

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Finding a IT partner; separate the men from the boys

Every once in a while there comes a time where you need to rely on an IT partner for your business. If it isn’t for your company’s IT hardware then it will be for your online presence, applications, websites, email configuration, cloud computing etc. Read more…

You cannot design User Experience

Safari Push Notifications

OS X Mavericks Push Notification support for websites

I have never been very fond of the frameworks war for developing apps. I am hoping browsers will overcome the missing hardware bridges in order to use the web as an app store, as a platform for all our mobile apps. Mavericks OS is taking this into the right direction, with adding the Push Notification functionality to the browser. Read more…

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